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Amplify Your Impact

Helping entrepreneurs navigate competing priorities & opportunities in the midst of operational uncertainty and adversity, to accelerate and amplify
their impact.

What is an Entrepreneur Coach?

You either started your business from the ground up, or you acquired it from someone else. Regardless, you have a vision of what success and long term progress looks like, including a number of lofty goals, and come hell or high water you’re going to make it happen – am I right?


When things get challenging, where do you go? Who do you speak to? Who helps you navigate through operational uncertainty, competing priorities, and opportunities? As an Entrepreneur Coach, this is where I am able to make the biggest impact on my client’s lives. Learn a little bit more about me here.


After working hard to find the right people to join your team and execute your vision, you realize they have needs, challenges, and gaps in knowledge that you’re not equipped to support. That’s okay – you can’t be the solution for everything – you can, however, invest in the solution. I recently completed my Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, which has had an astounding impact on my own ability to show up for my community, but also my client’s successes with their own challenges.


Leadership training, communication, and cooperative skills, these are some of the ingredients that make up Entrepreneur Coaching – a positive and proactive solution to empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born....and the day you realize why.

Mark Twain

Working Together

My coaching is not linear. It is not something that looks the same for every client. What I do really well, is ask relevant questions – a lot of questions – and then I shut up and listen. 


How this looks for my clients is 1-on-1 monthly coaching sessions. The frequency is determined by what you want to accomplish. Our first month is always discovery, and then we move on from there.

What are the
next steps?

We book a call to each learn more.

Have you been thinking about hiring a
business coach for a while now?

The next step is for you and I to have a coffee together, over zoom or in person.
We ask some questions about each other, like where are you now, how did you get here, where you want to go and the impact you aspire to make - by the end of the call, we'll both know if we're a fit for each other.

Additional ways I Serve my Clients

As my coaching practice grew, and my learning grew with it – I am able to facilitate offsites for clients and non-clients alike, in 1-5 day annual (or semi-annual) retreats. Imagine the impact a team offsite would have on you and your teams progress in the year ahead.

I have facilitated for Entrepreneurs Organizations Forums, large companies and smaller organizations. This is a day that we prepare for together, and I facilitate and/or moderate. You can take yourself as a manager, or leader out of the equation. I will ask the hard questions, and I will dig at the real answer. All I ask is that everyone shows up and is prepared to get vulnerable and grow. (Those 2 things go together by the way!)

Vince facilitated my entrepreneur's peer group (EO) forum retreat. I've worked with lots of retreat facilitators over the years and Vince really stood out. First off, his content was outstanding. It just makes sense but it was still very unique and powerful. Secondly, his ability to directly challenge us, doing it all with great compassion, have a laugh and fitness breaks to keep us full of energy was artful. Vince truly helped us all get what we needed out of the retreat. I really felt he listened to what we needed and made his content work within our needs. I know I walked away fully focused on the 12 months ahead and he gave me many tangible takeaways that I've used multiple times since I got back. What more can I say?? I'd highly recommend Vince for this or any individual coaching work.

What I'm reading and talking about

I read and listen to audio-books a lot. Podcasts too. While I don’t read a lot of books  (about 7-10 a year) I read the same book two or three times before moving on to the next book. I really want to anchor the author’s content and routinely look for ways to inject relevant insights into my work.



I find that most of my clients read a lot as well. We often talk about what each other is reading which spurs on even more meaningful discussion. You will notice that I reference my favorite authors a lot, and I speak to the different areas of their work that I admire. My thoughts and reflections come about from my reading, listening, the work that I do with my clients, and the wisdom I seek out from my community. 



I hope you enjoy my latest articles listed here. To hear more of my insights, please head on over to my blog page.

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